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Actor Vince Vaughn is Pro-Gun, Pro-American and Still MONEY!


Vince Vaughn is a gutsy guy. He’s a famous comedian and a movie star, his current hit HBO series, True Detective, just kicked off a new season.

He’s likely got a lot of cash stashed away because, with the interview he just gave to British GQ, he could be unemployable.


Remember, he works in Hollywood.

We have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government,” Vaughn told British GQ. “It’s not about duck hunting; it’s about the ability of the individual. It’s the same reason we have freedom of speech. It’s well known that the greatest defense against an intruder is the sound of a gun hammer being pulled back.”

When faced with the incoherent ramblings of “But, but, but, mass shootings! Newton! Children!!” He had this to say.

“Take mass shootings. They’ve only happened in places that don’t allow guns,” Vaughn explained, mirroring arguments from noted gun crime researcher Dr. John Lott. “In all of our schools it is illegal to have guns on campus, so again and again these guys go and shoot up these f***ing schools because they know there are no guns there.”

Vince Vaughn, True American!

He didn’t mention it, but the school the Obama daughters attend have armed security guards in addition to the armed Secret Service that protects the girls. All we ask is the same sensible level of protection for our poor kids.

Needless to say, we’re with Vince as we sit typing on our couch with a Glock 30S on our belt. You never know who’s coming through the door.


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