10 Politically Incorrect Terms for Today’s Conservative

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Our guy Jay Taylor at Conservative Byte has put together a fun list of Politically Incorrect terms you can tweak the libtards with.

These are the phrases and words that liberals and race-baiters feel inclined to jump inside your head and tell YOU what you mean and think.

Jay’s idea here is to throw it in their face and I couldn’t agree more.

Check it out:

  1. Call them Thugs. We all know a thug when we see a thug.
  1. Call it fraud. The junk science of climate change is nothing but lies for big government control.
  1. Call abortion Murder. We can always hope that the careless liberal heart will somehow get touched.
  1. Call them Radicals. It’s not that Radicals are Muslim, it’s that Muslims are Radical.
  1. Call them the Democrat Party. Because we all know there is nothing Democratic about them.
  1. Call them Illegals. Why should we care if it is insulting to them? Sometimes the truth hurts.
  1. Call them Islamic State. Obama says ISIL, the media says ISIS, but we like to point out they are followers of Islam.
  1. Call him Jeb. When he wins the Democrat nomination, we won’t want to associate him with our Bush.

To see the top two – go to http://conservativebyte.com/2015/06/top-ten-politically-incorrect-terms-for-todays-conservative/

Use these LIBERALLY! They’re going to hate you anyway – might as well have a laugh!

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