Woman Makes $10,000 A Month Asking “Boyfriends” For Abortion Money

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As if having an abortion wasn’t despicable enough, this woman from Louisiana has decided that she will collect money from her numerous sexual partners, or as she calls them – ‘boyfriends’ for FAKE abortions. Yep. She’s fleecing guys for money for the most disgusting possible reason. Read on:


A 27-year-old woman was pulled over early morning due to a speeding violation. When Natasha Brown acted in a very suspicious manner officers decided to search her vehicle where they discovered $60,000 in cash. When officers asked her why she had such a large amount of money she replied: “I’m getting an abortion.” She was taken into custody for further questioning.

She told Baton Rouge investigators that the money was rightfully hers. Investigators asked her for employment information and she told investigators she had no job that she was a “self-employed entrepreneur” and then told investigators she had multiple boyfriends and that’s how she earned her money.

Natasha Brown said: “I have at least 54 current boyfriends and after 3 weeks of unprotected sex I tell them I’m pregnant and not ready for a baby. I then ask them for abortion money.”

She told investigators she picks the ones that just got paid and usually gets $400-$500 from each boyfriend.

“I been earning over $10,000 a month doing this I don’t get tired. I plan to write a get rich book and sell it on Amazon.com that outlines exactly how to start a fake abortion business. I think a lot of women will buy it and I’ll make a lot of monies.”

This lady must be on some kind of wacko pills. I don’t know how anyone could actually think that this was a good way to earn get money. Good luck with those STD’s, lady.

H/T: Moron.com

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