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“BattleCat” Has Brutally Honest Message For Obama & The Black Community [**NSFW VIDEO]


The following video captures our feelings about what’s wrong with the black community quite well.  “Battle Cat” includes a bunch of strong language, by the way – **NSFW VIDEO.

We’ve seen the “leadership” in the community – Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Eric Holder – do nothing but make excuses and act as enablers for them. Would love to hear their reaction to this woman below:

Remember when Barack Obama allowed himself to be interviewed by that woman in the bathtub with the green lips? I dare him to go one round with the brutally honest, blue-lipped “BattleCat” – my new super-hero.  He couldn’t stand up to her for a minute – nor could any of the race-baiting, lying POS in this pathetic Baltimore scandal.

The Mayor of Baltimore apologized for calling rioters “thugs.”  One of their elected representatives made a statement to the effect that “there are no thugs in Baltimore.”  We’d note that with the death of Freddie Gray there’s one less thug in Baltimore.

This video will almost certainly go viral.  Unfortunately, the people who need the message the most – Barack are you listening? – won’t be watching it.



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