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Watch Denver Police Pepper-Spray a 12 Year Old: [VIDEO]


We’re going to have a long hot summer and it’s got nothing to do with global warming.  The Race Industry, led by Al Sharpton and Barack Obama are doing their best to incite riots, and right now they’re winning.  When you’re fighting against somebody like the Denver police, it looks like it’s hard to lose.

At the end of the video you’ve got a 12-year-old kid screaming because he’s been pepper sprayed.  This is likely to get all kinds of bad coverage.

We’re not sure the cops are ever going to figure out that they’re in a public relations war.  The lefty sites are loaded with videos of “police brutality” over the weekend at so-called solidarity marches with the demonstrators in Baltimore.

We don’t know if the crowds were out of control when the cops showed up or why they were using pepper spray.  From the videos we’ve seen it certainly appears that everybody had their dander up.  We are really surprised that cops would be using pepper spray on what just appears to be a loud, pushy, obnoxious crowd.  If they needed to break the crowd up it seems that tear gas would have been a better choice.

Police certainly have the right – and the duty – to defend themselves and the lives and property of their cities from rioters.  They did a lousy job of it in Baltimore, but it appears that the Mayor stopped them from an appropriate response when things got ugly.  They also have the responsibility to put together a better plan for responding to the coming wave of demonstrations.

The media will eat video like this up, we’re surprised that Barack Obama hasn’t said something like, “If I had a white son he’d look like that little boy.”  The Race Industry wants riots.  They want cities in flame.  They view it as urban renewal and they’re sure nobody is going to call out the National Guard and tell them “shoot to kill” if cities start to burn.

It’s going to be a free-for-all this summer.



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