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This Walmart Employee Just Made the Dumbest Remark About Racism: Ever.


Remember when the election of Barack Obama was going to usher in a “post racial” era?  We – as in the whole nation, black and white – were going to address “race” and put that ugly past behind us and move on into a new era.

Well that quickly got relegated to the scrapheap along with “shovel ready jobs,” “you can keep your doctor,” and thousand other lies that were used to sell the nation on the pretender who sits in the White House.

Six years into our “post-racial era,” more than ever, EVERYTHING is about race. Need a refresher? This is a video that was made by a Walmart employee on company time expressing her outrage over the open racism of her employer.

Got that? Racism is so inbred into our society that one doll is the focus of “teaching our children racism.”

We are firmly convinced that we are never going to get beyond “racism” until we have black leadership that will stop enabling the so-called black community and giving them a pass on allowing a tribal culture.
The world is supposed to come to a halt when a cop kills a young black thug who is attacking him but the “community” is willing to ignore thousands of Blacks murdered by members of their own community. The handful of thugs being killed are supposed to be a symbol of our racist society while a virtual generation of young people being wiped out by their own is the result of not enough tax money being given to members of the community.
The result is this young woman. And you can bet she learned a valuable lesson from this. Her video has gone viral, she’s freely labeled her employer and their supplier as racists, and there is no way on earth Walmart will fire her.
That would be racist. And Walmart doesn’t want Al Sharpton and the Race Industry marching outside their stores. That’s why there were a major donor to the National Action Network.
Get used to it folks, this crap is not going away.


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