VIDEO: Black Man Tells Whites, “You’ll All Be Dead by the End of the Year”… Where’s the Media?

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The black man in the video is known for making racist comments and causing trouble. We don’t know what started the rant at the beginning of the video but it’s pretty obvious the lunatic is off his meds – OR – on some self-prescribed stuff from down the street..


What we find interesting, and disturbing, is that if the races were reversed, if Mr. RantMan was white, this would likely have been a national news story, the scene would have been crawling with cops, and Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice would have been on the spot investigating racism.

We also don’t know why the white guy comes flying in and attacks Mr. RantMan, we don’t think that was necessary.

Eventually the parties get separated and Mr. RantMan won’t drop the bone he’s chewing.  He goes after the crowd and threatens the group of whites, “Just so ya’ll know, all of ya’ll’s time is coming, yo – ya’ll gonna die by the end of the year.”

Honestly, we’re not too upset by the exchange, we find plenty of stupidity to go around.  In crowds like this there’s never a shortage of stupidity.

If a black man threatens a group of whites, it’s no big deal.  It’s certainly not news worthy and it’s not cop-worthy either.

Frankly we suspect that even if Mr. RantMan does carry out his threat and start killing people it might make the local news for a day, but it’ll never crack the national news.  Unless they could spin the story as, “Elderly Black Man Snaps From a Lifetime of Confronting Racism.”

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