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VA Official Stole Cash for Strippers, Sex, Gambling


The folks at the VA may not give a damn about helping our veterans but they certainly know how to help themselves.

We’ve heard hundreds of stories about administrators in VA hospitals fiddling with patient records to make themselves look good and get bonuses. There was definitely a cost to the taxpayers for those bonuses but that cost paled in comparison to the veterans who died for lack of care.

The VA hospital in Detroit probably holds the record for misappropriated funds, but at least nobody died. That we know of.

The manager of a retail store in Ann Arbor, Michigan – Glenn Allen Bates – was arrested for stealing about $150,000 from the store. He spent the money, according to his own admission, or hookers, strip clubs, and gambling.
This is another example of the efficiency and effectiveness of our federal government action. The manager was arraigned and released on bond this week. The theft was discovered in May of 2013. That’s two years.
The manager ran the store from May 2006 to March 2013. We don’t know why he left in 2013, but we would be shocked to find that he was fired. We were not shocked to discover that the VA hiring process leaves something to be desired.
Bates had an extensive criminal record.
He was arrested in the late 70s, charged with car theft, and served eighteen months in federal prison. In 1992 he was charged with felony arson and receipt probation.
Another great example of our federal government hard at work.



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