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UC Berkeley Mother’s Day Protest: “Dairy Cows Are Raped For Milk”


Students at UC Berkeley – $57,000 per year for out of state students – spent their Mothers Day celebrating moms in a special way.

The video has some graphic footage, it was created by the BOAA numbskulls.

The activists, the Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy, protested the consumption of mother cow’s milk at area supermarkets.  In keeping with college feminists current theme of “rape culture” these activists protested  by holding signs saying, “dairy cows are raped and forcibly impregnated.”

In other words, those cows are victims of a male dominated society.  Or something.

The group has hosted a number of protests in the Bay Area including a rally at Dominoes Pizza protesting an “offensive” ad campaign and a funeral for a pig.

Animals have rights too!

The protesters are not expected to be seen at any of the Bay Area Planned Parenthood clinics where human unborn babies (think calves) are murdered by dismemberment.


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