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The U.N. Is a Despicable Organization with an Anti-American Agenda


According to a leaked internal report that the global organization was seeking to conceal, The United Nations “peacekeeping” troops deployed on a UN “peace” mission in the Central African Republic were systematically raping and sexually exploiting starving young children.

Why isn’t this leading the news every night?… oh, forget it. I’m tired of asking that.

The U.N. is an absolutely deplorable organization. How could they possibly represent the US when they are raping starving young children in Africa? Yea, that sounds like a mission that the US would totally condone and be on board with.

These disgusting monsters will get theirs, no question, but what about the US and it’s affiliation with the U.N.? How is this benefiting anyone to be part of such a morally deficit group? More:

French soldiers stand near armoured personnel carriers on March 13 in Bangui, Central African Republic

Because UN leadership failed to take action against their soldiers’ widespread sexual abuse of children — some of whom were less than 10 years old — an aid worker with the organization in the war-torn African nation handed the document to French authorities.

As has become the norm when UN military forces are exposed raping, abusing, and murdering the populations they are ostensibly supposed to “protect,” the UN responded to the leak by suspending the whistleblower from his post and trying to cover it all up rather than dealing with the savagery.

On April 29, though, despite the ham-handed effort to quash the news, the explosive UN report documenting the organization’s crimes was making headlines around the world after first being reported by the U.K. Guardian. According to the British newspaper, which cited sources close to the case and other information, the whistleblower who first alerted French authorities about the problem was Anders Kompass.

The Geneva-based director of field operations for UN programs, a Swede working in humanitarian missions for three decades, was reportedly suspended from his post and is now being investigated by the UN Office for Internal Oversight Service (OIOS). He could be fired for leaking the material, and the official inquiry of his case is “severely restricted,” according to reports.

A UN aid worker based in Geneva, Anders Kompass, leaked the report to French authorities because his bosses had failed to take action, The Guardian reported. He has been suspended and faces dismissal for breaching protocol, the paper said. There’s a shocker.

France’s defence and foreign ministries issued a joint statement saying that ‘all necessary measures’ would be take to establish the truth, and that ‘the toughest sanctions’ would be applied to anyone proven to be guilty of abuse.

France launched a peacekeeping operation in the Central African Republic in December 2013, while the UN mission was approved the following April and became operational in September. The sexual abuse reportedly took place during the early phase of the UN mission being set up, The Guardian said.

The allegations are acutely embarrassing for a country that prides itself on its ability to despatch rapid intervention forces, notably as a way of maintaining stability and French influence in its former African colonies.

Central African Republic has seen unprecedented violence between Christians and Muslims since late 2013. At least 5,000 people have been killed. The U.N. says about half a million people are displaced and another half-million have fled the country.

H/T: New American

France investigates allegation of child abuse by its troops in CAR

THIS STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT French forces were sent to the Central African Republic some 18 months ago — the aim was to stem violence between Christian militias and

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