Two Thugs Arrested for Executing Father & Son: You’ve Never Heard Their Names. Why?

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You’ve never heard the names David and Nicolas Pence because they had the wrong skin color and so did the two people who have been arrested for executing them. If I was writing for CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/NBC/NYTimes/WaPost, the story might go a little somethig like this:

Dexter Allen, a 17-year-old promising high school student, near the top of his class and hoping to be accepted at Harvard this fall, was arrested this week along with an accomplice for the execution-style murder of a father and son in Metairie, LA.

They were apparently pushed over the edge by the openly racist behavior of the two white family members.  Al Sharpton and Loretta Lynch will be on the scene in Metarie over the weekend leading the charge to free these two promising members of the black community and to make sure an investigation of the white neighborhood where the father and son lived is launched.  At least 100 DoJ civil rights lawyers will be in Metarie next week.

No, we didn’t cut and paste that from The Onion.  We did it all by ourselves and we’re not even through with our first cup of coffee.

The only part of the first paragraph that’s accurate is that two black thugs murdered a white father and son.  The rest is simply cultural commentary that, in today’s ObamaCulture, isn’t that far fetched.

David and Nicholas Pence were murdered by two black thugs they’d apparently never met, and for no apparent reason.  The Sheriff noted that neither of the thugs had a police record that indicated that kind of violence could be expected, but obviously one of them – the female driver – had been arrested because her prints were on file.

The alleged killers were on a crime spree.  Stolen cars, armed robbery, murder.

While we don’t expect much in the way of commentary by the Obama administration or Sharpton, we are very confident that any commentary that comes from the Race Industry will be in the form of “this was a horrible incident, BUT…” and that will be followed by excuses and enabling.

The murder victims will be forgotten.  Buried and ignored.  The two black thugs who butchered them will likely get a plea deal and a 20-to-life sentence, and life in Metarie will simply go on.

What will be forgotten – or more likely just ignored – is that their behavior was not unusual for their ilk.  The only thing that could possibly be racked up as “unusual” is that they murdered two white people rather two members of their own thug community.  And if they’d done the latter, we – along with everybody else – would be ignoring this story because it would be just another day in the black “community.”

Hey Mr. President!  How about a conversation about black crime that doesn’t involve ignoring the fact that your community is raising thugs and that the policies of your party enables and encourages this kind of criminal behavior.


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