Thug Rapist Says He Didn’t Do It, Gives DISGUSTING 3-Word Reason Why

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Accused rapist William Francis Miller was arrested for felony sexual abuse and when he was busy saying he didn’t do it – he offered an equally disgusting reason as to why he’s innocent.

On May 7, Miller was arrested for an alleged rape that took place at a house party that Miller and his friends attended last May in Iowa City. His alibi? She was “not even rape-able.”  And that was after he said the sex was consensual.

Just another thug with a long arrest record for domestic violence, theft, harassment, trespassing, and marijuana possession.

The rape Miller is charged with took place at a house party he attended with friends.  Yes, apparently he has friends.  There was heavy drinking going on at the party and as it began to die down Miller found his victim, passed out on a bed.  He took off her pants and attacked her.

Fortunately, a friend of the victim walked into the room and chased Miller out of the house and the victim’s friend was able to transport her to a hospital.

Here’s a shocker: Miller has a rap sheet where he’s been convicted of domestic violence, theft, harassment, trespassing and marijuana possession. He’s currently awaiting trial and is scheduled to appear in court on May 18.

Here’s hoping that, if convicted, Mr. Miller finds himself among lots of people who find him to be “not even rape-able.”  And then follow his example.



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