The Democrats War on Women – Hillary Version


Hillary is desperately trying to recycle the “War on Women” meme that got the Congressional Democrats blown out in 2014.  But when you’ve got no substantive issues and a record of failure to run on, you take what you can get.

Here’s a sample.

You’re going to be seeing lots and lots of this stuff in the coming months because she can’t run on the Obama Economy and she certainly can’t run on her successes as Secretary of State.  Libya anyone?  How about that success in Iraq that was going to be centerpiece of the Obama legacy?

Hillary’s problem with the War on Women is that her family is at the very epicenter of that war.

We find ourselves at a time with noisy feminists are screaming that “we must believe the victim” when a woman says she’s been sexually assaulted.  Without regard to evidence to the contrary.  Believe the victim.  It’s the new feminists rally cry.

There is Hillary’s problem.  It’s called Bill.  That’s not a “legislative bill,” it’s her husband, Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton.

Monica is just the most famous example of Clinton lechery.  There is a long list of women that the media at the time labeled the “Bimbo Eruption.”

The latest trip down memory lane was found today in the Daily Mail.  Yes, it’s a UK paper, but the meme will be arriving at our shores momentarily.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Don’t let Bill back in the White House, he abused women and he’ll do it again.’ Paula Jones warns against voting for Hillary – because she also lied about sex case which almost cost him presidency

Will reminders of the Bimbo Eruption cost Hillary the nomination or the election?  No.  Not by themselves.  But they will be a steady drumbeat, along with news about the Clinton’s shaky finances and their “Foundation.”  Along with a thousand other little things like Hillary’s email that will be dribbling out for the next nine months.  Etc, etc, etc.

Paula is just the first, and here’s a taste.

Pass the popcorn.  Monica is already on the speaking tour, even giving TED Talks.  Who’s next?

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