That’s Doctor Hobo Thank You Very Much

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Hobo John here, peace to you good folks. I have been off the streets almost two years now and I recently took a job writing for a radio station web-site and Facebook page. If things go right they may even eventually put me on the air.

At any rate the NAIA World Series unfolds in my home town every year and I have been covering it for the website. Our hometown team, the Lewis-Clark State Warriors, won tonight and will play for the championship tomorrow against a team from Florida.

Todds Baseball

I did a video interview with the right fielder after the game. They came back from five runs down, and he said something that struck me, “I never doubted,” he said.

Me, despite being full of bravado, doubt all the time. Every other day I tell myself I am headed back to the streets. I told myself I was going to go home without a player interview, I had done enough already G** Dammit.

But I found myself walking out there none the less, adrenalin pumping through my chest. When that happens my mind tends to get a little fuzzy. Sure enough during the interview I forgot who our team beat; it was an Mobile, Alabama team by the name of Faulkner. The kid was gracious though and the rest of the interview went OK.

I think a lot of folks in the world die of shame, self-loathing and loneliness; it breaks my heart and could very well have been me. But my understanding is that God does not give up on people and he certainly did not give up on me and I am grateful everyday just to wake up and breathe.

God may provide a rest period, lots of people call it death. But my belief is you keep coming back seeking those secret dreams until they become reality.

I had a similar, no doubt moment on the streets I wrote about for Joe a while back. I decided one day I was not going to let my fears and doubts stop me from doing what I wanted to do. I fully embraced the hobo lifestyle after that, digging through garbage and ash cans in broad day light. I believe I went from being a Master of Hobo to a Doctor of Hobo at that time.


Listen folks if a 51 year old Doctor of Hobo can pursue a writing or radio career, there ain’t no reason, you can’t do whatever the heck it is you want to do. Now I think baby steps and patience are important, but steps must be taken.

Now are you going to have moments of doubt and shame; yes you are. Is you heart going to fill with adrenalin and  feel like it is going to explode from beating so hard; yes it will. Will people you know mock you and try and hold you back; yes they will. Is any of that a reason to give up; no it is not. When any of those moments happen, thank God, ask him for some help, keep loving yourself and keep on trucking, so to speak.

Now I had a dream the other night that what I really wanted to do was be a cowboy. I also truly miss the streets at times especially the people. But I tell you what, wherever I end up; this little light of mine, I am going to let it shine. I suggest you do the same. The point is if you want to be a cowboy and you have never seen a horse, let alone ridden one; don’t let that stop you, go for it baby

Hobo John here, I love you with everything that I have. I also fully support you in taking some risks and having some fun and joy in this world before you die. That is the kind of attitude that can keep you alive forever. Need a friend? Send me a friend request on Facebook why don’t you. Peace



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