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Thank God Somebody’s Willing to Stand Up to ISIS


Even if it’s not President Obama.  And by some reports he’s scared to death of ISIS and of Muslims in general.

Former CIA director James Woolsey said Thursday that President Obama ‘looks scared’ to called members of Middle Eastern terrorist groups ‘Islamic,’ just hours after the conclusion of a White House ‘Countering VIolent Extremism’ summit that studiously avoided pinning terrorism on Islamists.


Woolsey told a CNN audience that Obama ‘looks scared. He looks as if he’s afraid of using the adjective “Islamic” to describe the terrorists’ from ISIS, al-Qaeda and other international terror groups bent on mass-murder and global destruction.

After all, he sounds like he’s even on their side.

And, he acts like it too.

But there are Americans who aren’t afraid to stand up for America in the face of ISIS and Muslim terrorism.  Today, it is Rev. Franklin Graham.

Here’s a hint for ISIS.  If you’re planning an attack on helpless, terrified people who can’t defend themselves, look to a Deep Blue state.  Showing up in places like Texas or Arizona is not a good strategy.

Try San Francisco or Chicago.  They’re not armed.  Hell, they even like you.  Here in flyover country we know how to play Cowboys and Muslims.

Thank you Rev. Graham.  You’re a better man than our cowardly president.



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