Texas Honors Chris Kyle. President Obama Honors …


His home state of Texas has honored American Sniper Chris Kyle by naming a state highway after him.

The Texas Senate passed House Bill 1187designating a segment of U.S. Hwy 287 in Midlothian, as the Chris Kyle Memorial Highway. The Texas House passed the bill earlier this month. The bill will now go to Governor Greg Abbott for signing and making the bill law.

Governor Abbott will certainly sign the bill.

Chris Kyle made his final journey to his resting place along that stretch of highway.

Chris made it to his final rest, honored by his family, his brother warriors, his friends, and his state.

President Obama made his sentiments very clear as well.  Given an opportunity to honor a true American hero…

Any questions?

We thank the State of Texas for their honor to CPO Chris Kyle.  We wish every state would do the same.


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