5 TOP Terrorists Traded for Bergdahl Will Be Scot Free: Obama Inc.’s & Qatar’s Orchestration


WHAT are the chances that any other American President would free TOP level terrorists – let alone “trade” them – for an army deserter? Less than slim to none.

HERE’S what went down.

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Posted on May 16, 2015


FIRST things first: in order to understand where Qatar came into play with the “Taliban Five” – as a chosen destination to “monitor” them – one has to internalize what really went down with the Bergdahl “trade.” In a very real sense, a smoke and mirrors show took place, yes, akin to a sleigh of hand. This is perhaps the most apt descriptor.

IN the main, Qatar is the go to nation where high value Brotherhood Mafia enjoy the high life. This tiny Gulf nation is akin to a protection-racket destination. Deadly serious. In fact, up until the beginning of 2015, Hamas’s top leader, Khaled Meshal, resided in Qatar. However, under great political pressure from Saudi Arabia (for various reasons) he left for Erdogan’s Turkey, another Brotherhood locale. Musical chair-like.

In a televised interview on September 25, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour confronted the emir of Qatar about allegations that his country is not a true ally of the United States.

Doha hosts America’s largest military base in the Middle East, and at the same time allows private fundraising for American adversaries Al Qaeda and ISIS. Qatar has also been a big source of funding in recent years for U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas, a spinoff of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. The 34-four-year-old emir replied to Amanpour: “I’m not in a camp against another camp. … I have my own way of thinking.”

The richest country in the world per capita has developed a working relationship with a particularly wide range of governments and groups, from Hezbollah to the Taliban….

SIMILARLY, it must be understood that the linkage between The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, aka The Taliban, is inextricably tight with Qatari leadership. The Brotherhood ties that bind.

The Afghan Taliban, also known as The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, are joyous over the victory of Dr. Muhammad Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate and now president of Egypt. In a statement released today on Voice of Jihad, the Taliban said that Mursi’s victory is “the strongest blow in the Middle East and the whole world to the American and Zionist expansionism.” For more on how Mursi views Israel, see this article at The Weekly Standard by Thomas Joscelyn. The full Taliban statement is below:

IN this regard, readers surely realize by now that HUSSEIN Obama is an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood and granted them complete influence within top administration posts. Thus, it was a no-brainer trade, but these same “Taliban Five” – top Brotherhood-aligned terrorists – needed a new “home.”  How cozy. Qatar fit the bill to a tee.

SO, as a main recap and for further clarification purposes, let’s also clear some matters up re Bergdahl, to explain why HUSSEIN Obama was so desperate to release him too. Mind you, none of it had anything to do with rescuing an American soldier from enemy hands!

IN Feb. 2015 the following excerpted commentary stated:

UNLESS some Americans are “worth” more than others, why exactly did the Traitor-in-Chief ignore pleas from the Foley and Satloff families, when they begged his admin to negotiate over the release of their sons? In stark juxtaposition, he paid (out of taxpayer monies, no less) a huge monetary ransom, and released stone cold Islamic killers (to kill again) for a deserter’s release! On the other hand, his surrogates threatened the Foley’s and Satloff’s: don’t dare pay any ransom! What’s going on?

NOW, just for the record, this investigative journalist is against paying any ransom for hostages, “negotiating”, but at least this position is consistent. No exceptions. Okay?

MOST significantly, how many understand the linkage between Obama Inc.’s “assassination squads”, yes, aka “hit teams”, specifically relative to the June 18, 2013 “mysterious” death of investigative journalist Michael Hastings, in connection to his explosive revelations re Bergdahl’s treachery?

STILL, before you review the additional evidence cited below, let’s cut to the chase: if Bergdahl – through his own desertion and attendant Taliban affinity/sympathy – as well as his papa are not Muslims, in league with the Islamic enemy, well, this investigative journalist is not an American Conservative patriot, nor a right wing, nationalist Zionist, revealed by countless actions, words, and deeds. Ridiculous.

Evidence is mounting as sources with close ties to military intelligence saying that the Army has concluded its investigation and will in fact charge Bergdahl with desertion. What is in this evidence must include some of our findings which we will show again here which prove that the Bergdahls, both father and son, have left quite a trail to show their Taliban links...read more here

NOT only that, Obama Inc. sacrificed real patriots to rescue a traitorous soldier, even though they knew that he turned on America. Alas, orders were given to rescue Bergdahl, a fellow Muslim, and to release Taliban Brotherhood associates.

IN the main, a “conditional” release was created as a smokescreen to sell the aforementioned sleigh of hand. and this is where Qatar came in. Thus, presenting it as contingent upon “supervision” by Qatar allowed HUSSEIN Obama to soften the blow to the American people. Kinda…sorta…

IN any case, some of us predicted that the “Taliban Five” would enjoy complete freedom, sooner than later.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Taliban Dream Team include Mullah Norullah Noori, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mullah Mohammad Fazl, Khairullah Khairkhwa and Mohammend Nabi Omari.  They were classified as some of the most dangerous Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo Bay, according to Thomas Joscelyn of The Long War Journal.

There is little doubt that these five Taliban commanders will return to the Afghanistan battlefield. The real issue that should not be overlooked is why these five hardcore terrorists were traded for the return of Bergdahl, a deserter, according to his platoon mates. Bergdahl left his guard post and walked away from his base in Afghanistan on June 30, 2009.  He took off his body armor and left his weapon behind.


By these deliberate actions it can be concluded that Bergdahl’s intentions were clearly to desert. Furthermore, these well considered actions by Bergdahl debunk the story that he was captured while sitting in a makeshift latrine without his weapon.  There is no way he should have been considered a legitimate P.O.W.  In fact, the U.S. Army recently announced a decision to file desertion charges against Bergdahl.

Afghan officials worried the Taliban leaders released by Barack Obama will rejoin the battle against the government.

One former Gitmo prisoner, Taliban leader Noorullah Noori, promised to return to Afghanistan and fight the Americans after his arrival in Qatar – taliban-attack-in-kabul-killed-14-including-9-foreigners.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, is there any doubt left to whom the Islamist-in-Chief pledges his loyalty?

TO wit, if past and present behavior patterns – of both Gitmo terrorists and the Jihadi-in-Chief – are predictors of future behavior, it goes without saying that HUSSEIN Obama will predictably release the remainder of the TOP Gitmo terrorists. Absolutely, his surrogates are working towards this end, even though many already set free have re-joined Islamic jihad !

BUT never mind, let’s not quibble. Besides, keeping jihadis behind bars is a far cry from what “Allah’s (White House) Muslim Terrorist” has on tap.

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