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Schools Spend $Millions on White Privilege Indoctrination: Why Waste That Money on Education?


We’ve got a new dog whistle for Progressives in education.  It’s called “white privilege” and it’s the latest baton to beat white schoolchildren into submission and enable black sub- culture.

We are long on record as saying that sending your kids to public school is child abuse. This reinforces that opinion. We also believe that if you want to improve education in the US, you start on college and university campuses by burning down every “School of Education.”

The latest saga in “educators” quest to destroy the nation centers around the Pacific Educational Group in, of all places, San Francisco.

PEG’s mission is to sell the idea that black kids don’t respond to concepts like working hard to achieve success because ideas like that are foreign in African-American culture. Their ideas are so far out of the mainstream and so destructive that even liberal commentator Juan Williams thinks they are insulting and destructive.
They hold conferences like the one featured on this video. is a group that reports on education from a conservative perspective. They attended and recorded white privilege conference that was held in Wisconsin.

School districts across the country, who are likely crying that they don’t have enough money to “educate” your children, are spending millions to send teachers to these conferences. Those teachers are going to come back and indoctrinate your kids.
According to the figures that EAG was able to pull together, and they only looked at forty school districts across the country, nearly $4 million was spent on white privilege indoctrination.
PEG pushes the idea that black students can’t do as well as white students because American education is structured around white cultural norms that are difficult for blacks to grasp. We view this exactly as former president George W Bush did when he referred to “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”
People like PEG are doing two things in both are destructive. First of all, they are significantly lowering the bar for black students. They are enabling destructive behavior. In the process of doing that they are also lowering the bar for all students.
“Educators” have managed to dumb down curriculum in the US to the point where a high school diploma has no value in the marketplace. High school diploma no longer is any indication that a student is ready for college. For example, in New York City they spend about $20,000 per student per year and 80% of “high school graduates” have to take remedial reading or math to attend community college.
Putting your children in public schools is child abuse. What’s happening in the schools in your city or town?



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