Scary: Education Secretary Sets The Stage For ‘Public Boarding Schools’

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Arne Duncan, Barack Obama’s Secretary of Indoctrination Education, just took off his mask.  Remember “It takes a village” to raise kids?  Arne just affirmed that “it takes a government.”

It’s not enough that the government mandates – at the point of losing federal funding – Common Core curriculum.  This administration and their ilk want full control of the nation’s children.  Parents need not apply.

Of course, the “War on Poverty” has effectively eliminated “parents” from the black community and there is no more certain route to generational poverty than “single parent” households.  Democrats, with the help of liberal Republicans, have turned the poor into nothing more than a breeding class.  The certainly aren’t parents and there is no such thing as family structure.

Democratic social policy produced the violence on the streets that we have today and Democratic education policy won’t fix it, it will make it worse.

This will also have the effect of dramatically increasing the control of the federal government into every area of life.  Not to mention increasing the power of the Department of Indoctrination Education and the teachers unions.

With respect to the idea of public boarding schools, please note that these are not schools that parents choose for their kids.  These are indoctrination camps masquerading as “safe havens” for kids that the government thinks are “at risk.”

In most cities today, if you ask “educators” and the teachers unions, the kids who are most at risk are those attending charter schools and especially those who are being home schooled.  Unions and their Democrat allies are at war with those parents.

Why?  Because they’re actually practicing parenting.

In Michigan a Democrat state legislator tried to pass a bill requiring registration of home schoolers and mandated government visits.

“We all failed Stoni and Stephen because Michigan does not maintain a list of homeschooled children, and so we have no way to identify and then protect any child who could be at risk for abuse,” and would be sponsoring a bill that, “would require that a parent wanting to homeschool their child or children provide their names and ages, and the name and address of the parent, guardian or other person in a parental relation to the child or children to the superintendent of the school district in which they reside.”

The bill would also require “that at least twice a year, the homeschooled children are seen by a person from the following list: a physician, licensed social workers, physician’s assistant, friend of the court official, school counselor or teacher, audiologist, psychologist, law enforcement officer, marriage and family therapist, member of the clergy or regulated child care provider.”

This was in response to a child that was killed at home.  Their response was to try to put in place “kid registration” and monitoring.  Notice that they are absolutely silent in response to the overwhelming number of female teachers who raping their students.

This isn’t about “safety” it’s about what it’s always about with Democrats.  Control.

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