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“Islam is the Religion of War” – According to Islam. Wait – What?


We’ve had political leaders trying to sell the idea that Islam is a “religion of peace” for two decades.

George W Bush was emphatic about it and our current President won’t even utter the words “Islamic terrorism.”  Nobody, it seems, wants to admit that Muslims are in a declared war against us.

Until now:

According to the English translation provided by ISIS affiliated social media groups, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi says, “O Muslims, Islam was never for a day the religion of peace.  Islam is the religion of war.”

He goes on to rant about how the only place of safety in this global war between Muslims and unbelievers is with ISIS.

Has the time not come for you to return to your religion and your jihād and thereby bring back your glory, honor, rights, and leadership? Has the time not come for you to know that there is no might nor honor nor safety nor rights for you except in the shade of the Caliphate?… Therefore, O Muslims, seek shelter – after Allah – with the Islamic State.

Sounds pretty clear to us.

Muslims are butchers by the nature of their religion.  They’ve been enslaving their neighbors and butchering them for 14 centuries.  All the while, following a pedophile prophet.


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