The Real War On Women – Chickens Coming Home to Roost

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The “War on Women” will be the centerpiece of Hillary’s Presidential campaign.  It looks like that might not go so well.

Some background:

College campuses are rife with howling by feminists over the “rape culture.”  We’ve seen dozens of men accused of rape and sexual assault only to have the accusations prove to be complete lies.  See University of Virginia and Columbia for two very high profile examples.

The screech from feminists is “Believe the Survivor!”  Without reservation.  Any woman who accuses a man of assault is to be believed, evidence be damned.  You will be shunned and ostracized if you challenge that belief based on such sexist and misogynistic things as “facts.”

Which brings us to the Columbia University graduation this week.  Columbia is home to one of the most progressive campuses in the nation.  It’s the campus where a woman accused a man of sexual assault a year after the “event” and coordinated similar accusations by three others.  Columbia, using a preponderance of the evidence standard designed to find the accused “guilty” of pretty much anything found nothing in any of the four accusations.  The New York City police found the charges so weak they refused to proceed beyond a preliminary investigation.

The woman, “a performance art” major nonetheless achieved national victimhood in progressive circles by carrying a mattress around with her.  She was the guest of NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at the STOU address.

We’ll likely get around to MattressWoman in another post, but today we just want to celebrate the Columbia commencement ceremonies and especially the three young ladies carrying this sign.

If you don’t remember Juanita Broaddrick, you should.  She was one of the busload of women who accused Bill Clinton of a variety of sexual assaults.  If Monica hadn’t saved the Blue Dress she’d not be remembered today either.

And remember: In the War on Women, Ted Kennedy still has the only confirmed kill.

This election cycle should be fun.

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