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Rand Paul is a Hypocrite and He Thinks You’re Stupid


Really, really stupid.  Senator Paul is supposed to be a libertarian who despises big government solutions.  Supposed to be.  Except when it’s his ox that’s being gored.

The case in point is the deal that was cut between the Republican leadership and President Obama to allow Congress and Congressional employees to escape having to enroll in ObamaCare.  Rand Paul seems to believe it’s OK that Obama and his Democrats stuff ObamaCare down our throats, but he’ll not allow it to happen to HIS staff.

Here’s the “debate” in committee.  It’s only 10 minutes, but it’s instructive.

In order to avoid ObamaCare the Republican leadership (guess who) petitioned the District of Columbia’s health care exchange to be classified as a “small business” that employs less than 50 people.

An application was submitted and it said that the Congress had 45 employees, one of them named “First Last” and another “Congress.”  Obviously the application was fraudulent.  If we did something like that you can bet we’d be headed for prison.

In order to find out who submitted the application David Vitter, Chairman of the Small Business Committee, fought to have a subpoena issued.  The Republican leadership fought it tooth and nail.  Vitter needed the votes of all 10 Republicans on his committee to get the subpoena and he had nine locked up.  The missing vote?  Rand Paul.

Senior committee aides say that Rand Paul’s staff didn’t immediately reply to an e-mail requesting the senator’s consent and, when they did, they refused to provide it. When Vitter attempted to set up a member-to-member meeting, his overtures were ignored or put off. Paul’s policy staff refused to take a meeting. When Vitter tried to confront Paul on the Senate floor, they say, the Kentucky senator skirted the issue.

The nine other committee Republicans had, by this point, given Vitter email confirmation that they would vote in favor of a subpoena.  McConnell and Paul got busy behind the scenes and began working the nine.  They were able to pressure four of of the previously committed – Mike Enzi, James Risch, Kelly Ayotte, and Deb Fischer – to vote against the subpoena.  This was clearly done to take the heat off Rand Paul.

This is an important vote because the application was clearly a fraud and no one knows who signed it.  Why in the world would five Republicans not want to investigate ObamaCare fraud?  We don’t know, and we likely won’t know because of this vote.

Why do we say Rand Paul is a hypocrite?  Simple.  Just listen to his “reasoning.”

“Senator Paul opposes allowing Congress to exempt themselves from any legislation,” an aide told the Conservative Review. “To that end, yesterday, he reintroduced his proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit Congress from passing any law that exempts themselves. Senator Paul prefers this option over a partisan cross-examination of Congressional staff.”

Horse pucky.

The constitutional amendment Senator Paul is referring to won’t pass the US Senate in his lifetime.  That’s a flat-out lie.  Paul is supporting the Republican leadership and the Obama administration in their stonewalling against transparency.

As far as his drivel about “partisan cross-examination of Congressional staff,” the staffers who signed that application should be criminally charged, and so should the DC health exchange staff who accepted it.  That’s what you do when people commit fraud.

Rand Paul is suborning fraud and he’s standing firmly with the Republican leadership to do it.  So are the other four, but they’re not running for President.  They’re also not trying to pass themselves off as either libertarian or conservative.  The four don’t three functioning vertebrae between them, we’d expect no less from them.

“The answers he has given do not make sense,” Cannon says of Paul. “And when someone with his principles does something that is so obviously against his principles, and does not give an adequate explanation, you begin to think that politics is afoot. It would have to be someone very powerful that made him a powerful pitch — or threat — to keep him from doing this.”

As for why Rand Paul thinks you’re stupid, he actually believes that he can get away with this because he thinks you won’t notice and if you do, you won’t care.

The sad part is, he’s probably right.



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