Racist Professor Lies About Slavery: Gets Caught. Recieves Smackdown.

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Saida Grundy is a “feminist sociologist of race and ethnicity” and is apparently a new hire at Boston University.  Resident cost to attend BU, $66,000 per year.

Ms. Grundy may be able to passSaida Grundy herself off as a “scholar” to the administration at BU, but she got called out by the folks at SoCawlege.com.

It was a slamdown, and frankly, a lot more entertaining than watching Floyd Mayweather “fight.”

If this is evidence of who’s being hired to teach impressionable kids – then don’t let your kids go to Boston U.

And if they’re currently attending BU, get a refund.

This woman is an ignorant, racist idiot who should even be allowed out of her home, much less allowed to speak in a classroom..

It all started with this Twitter feed from the august assistant professor.

Nice, huh?  And, not at all accurate.  Not even close to accurate, as the researchers at SoCawlege.com lay out for the assistant professor.

First off, Arabs, not “whites” did much of the slave trading in Africa. They also did much of the transportation of those African slaves, an estimated 10-18 million people. Whites didn’t “invent” the idea of transportation, nor did they do this on their own.

And, it wasn’t just Africans who were enslaved by Arabs, but an estimated 1 million + Europeans were also taken as slaves by Arabs. Barbary pirates did a lot of that.

The Barbary pirates would be the same ones out of Tripoli who Thomas Jefferson routed with the United States Marine Corps – From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli

Continuing, slaves were transported from India to Central Asia by Muslims, centuries before the first African was transported by white or Arab slave traders.

There are many more examples of slave transport throughout history besides these. Perhaps if Ms. Grundy took a history class she would know this problem transcends all races, cultures, and geographic locations, and even still continues today with global transportation in the human trafficking industry.

Hmmm.  It looks like Muslims might have been the real root of the problem.  Kinda like today.  We have frequently noted that the “terrorist problem” isn’t just a fringe of Islam, it’s the core of Islam.  Muslims have been butchering and enslaving their neighbors for 14 centuries.  Terrorism is built into their genetic makeup.

In regards to slavery for generations (which she says is only something white people did as well):Again, Muslims enslaved Indians who they considered “infidels”forcenturies, whites and others were traded in theOttoman Empirefor centuries, and it wasn’t just whites who owned black slaves in the Americas either, butother blacks,Native Americans,and of course what we would today call Hispanics in Latin or Central America, which had large slave trades and agricultural industries as well. Generational black slavery in the Americas was not something only done by whites. The notion is absurd.

It’s an excellent smackdown, and it doesn’t just confine itself to slavery.  The whole article is worth reading, you need to understand what passes for accepted thought at America’s universities these days.

Ms. Grundy is right in the mainstream of academia.  Far left dialog and pathetic scholarship.  This woman is an assistant professor at a major university.  The one thing a “professor” should be able to do, and do very well, is academic research.

Ms. Grundy flunks that test.

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