The Proof That Radical Islam is Radically Insane


Actually, this isn’t even about “radical” Islam, this guy is just a run-of-the-mill Muslim cleric.

Guys have been told for years, probably centuries, that if you masturbate you will grow hair on your hands.  Or your vision will be poor.  Or a thousand other things.  Now an Islamic cleric has taken it up a notch.  (Gotten it up a notch?)

A Muslim cleric has warned that men who pleasure themselves could make their hands pregnant in the afterlife.

Turkey’s Hürriyet Daily News reports that Mucahid Cihad Han made the comments on a live TV broadcast after a married man called his show to say he could not stop masturbating, even on holy pilgrimage to Mecca.

Han responded that masturbation was a sin in Islam. He added:

“Moreover, one hadith states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over its rights.

“If our viewer was single, I could recommend he marry, but what can I say now?”

The self-styled televangelist advised the viewer to “resist Satan’s temptations”.

That’s not quite as scientifically disprovable as the old “hair on your hands” line (if that was true ALL guys would have hair on their hands.  Lots of it.)  But it’s close.

Oh, and now Islam has “televangelists”?

This guy has been widely mocked on social media.  We find that interesting because masturbation is a decidedly “anti-social” activity and it’s being bantied about on “social” media?  Oh well.

We wonder if you become a suicide martyr, when you get to wherever it is those idiots go, do you get 72 virgin hands?

Draw what conclusions you will, but we consider this guy to be a jerk off.


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