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Oregon Lake Mysteriously Drains Down Hole


When is a lake not a lake? When it drains down a lava tube and becomes a meadow in the summer. An Oregon Lake does just that:


Lost Lake in central Oregon disappears down a 6-foot wide hole, and no one really knows where it goes.

The lake, located in the Cascade range in Oregon, is the result of a volcanic activity over a 1,000 years ago. Water levels on the lake change drastically throughout the year, but it drains completely through a hole during summer because the inflow of water is less than the drainage of the hole.

This amazing video shows the moment a lake was drained of all its water – by a six-foot wide lava hole positioned just metres away from the shoreline.

The natural phenomenon has been a feature at the Lost Lake in Oregon, US, for as long as people can remember.

And it is down to a lava tube – a tunnel-like structure originally created to drain lava from a volcano during an eruption.

Jude McHugh, a spokesperson for Williamette National Forest, told ABC News: “In Lost Lake, this lava tube collapsed and became the drain hole for that lake.”

Over the years, there has been a problem with people trying to plug the hole with various debris, including car engines. Officials strongly discourage anyone from plugging the hole as it would lead to flooding and road damage.

The lake eventually becomes a meadow later in the summer.

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