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Obama Wants to Spend More of Your Money on Baltimore. A Lot More.


The President says the root problem in Baltimore is that we don’t spend enough money on the city.  Not enough for education.  Not enough for job training.  Not enough “investments” in the city.  Or any city.

There’s a problem or two with this line that goes unchallenged by the mainstream press.

The first one, and the easiest, is the call for more “early childhood education.”  Think “Head Start” when you hear this.

The program serves over 1 million children in all 50 states at a cost of about $8,000 per student.

In 2011, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services commissioned a study to evaluate Head Start’s effectiveness. The study found that though the program had a “positive impact” on children’s experiences through the preschool years, “advantages children gained during their Head Start and age 4 years yielded only a few statistically significant differences in outcomes at the end of 1st grade for the sample as a whole. Impacts at the end of kindergarten were scattered.” Wait, only a “few statistically significant differences,” for $8,000 per child per year? And this is what the government found!

Keeping that one in mind, in light of the call for more spending for cities, let’s look at Baltimore.

Baltimore got $1.8 billion from the Obama Stimulus.  Those funds included $467 million for education.  You can find more info on the Baltimore Follies here.

When you hear about Obama and the Democrats howling for more money for the cities, remember that Baltimore got $1.8 billion and it didn’t scratch the surface.



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