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Obama Puts Lawyer in Charge of Immigration Who Has No Immigration Experience: Bonus – She’s From EPA


President Obama has created a new post in the Department of Homeland Security called “Principal Legal Advisor” for Immigration And Customs Enforcement. Her name is Gwen Keyes Fleming and she currently works at the Environmental Protection Agency.

This latest move by the Obama administration is actually a good picture of the Obama administration.

Stevan E. Bunnell, the DHS General Counsel, made the announcement in a letter to ICE field offices. “Gwen is a dynamic and accomplished senior government leader and manager, with experience at both federal and state levels.”

The announcement goes on with the length and word count that you would expect from a government lawyer. It specifically talks about her extensive law enforcement and legal experience. But it leaves something out.

It leaves out a statement that the administration is making this move because it is convinced that global warming is caused by too few illegal Mexicans in the US. Why else would the president appoint a high level EPA administrator to be in charge of all things “legal” at the department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement?.

After all, EPA is in charge of fighting the pernicious effects of global warming by shutting down the US coal industry, doing everything they can to limit oil and gas exploration, and forcing your electric bill to skyrocket. That last point also has the benefit of helping Barack Obama the at least one campaign promise.

We are sure that it’s the fight against global warming that prompted this move because according to her publicly available LinkedIn page and and her biography at the EPA, she has no experience in immigration law enforcement.

Of course, the president doesn’t want immigration law enforcement anyway so that’s just a side benefit in the fight against global warming. And we certainly shouldn’t be holding a lack of against Fleming, because heck, Barack Obama had never even run a lemonade stand when he was elected president. And just look at how well that has worked out.



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