Obama Blatantly Condemns the Words of Jesus

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Barack Obama keeps saying he’s a Christian.  And just as often his words – let alone his actions – deny his claims.  Mr. Obama is on record for, among other things, comparing Christianity to ISIS.


Mr. Obama has a supposedly high class education.  He went to a very expensive private school in Hawaii.  From there he apparently attended Columbia, an Ivy League university, followed by Harvard Law.  He didn’t learn much, at least not much in the way of history.  The Crusades were a defensive war Mr. President, fought by Christians to stop the encroaching tide of Muslim terrorist armies coming into Europe.

The President is on record attacking Christians and Christianity.

Our President also attended church for 20 years in Chicago and called his pastor his friend and mentor.  Sitting in the pews of Wright’s church Obama wasn’t much exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was more like the Gospel of Bill Ayers.

If you wonder where most of our President’s opinions about our country and its place in the world come from you don’t have to look any farther than the pews of Jeremiah Wright’s church. The “Reverend” exhorted his parishioners to “God damn America” and they cheered. When questioned about this sermon our President said he didn’t remember it.

This week we find out that if right ever did preach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Barack was missing that day too.

Who does Jesus think he is? How dare he say “the poor will always be with us.”

Barack Obama simply knows better than that historical figure called Jesus.

First of all, anybody with even a passing knowledge of Jesus’ teachings understands that when Jesus spoke, He spoke to individuals. He spoke to His followers. He never commanded the government in Rome to do anything. He commanded his followers to care for widows and orphans, not Caesar.

President Obama thinks he can eradicate the poor by raising taxes on the rich and redistributing wealth. He’s wrong, and history proves it. Every state that has tried it has failed miserably and the experiments have only served to make more people poor.

The second point is an important question for the President. Just which poor people are you talking about? Are you talking about eliminating poverty in the US or are you talking about eliminating poverty and world?

Recently The Economist magazine did a study on poverty.  Their study focused on economic measurements but also included things like quality of life, and civic engagement. The results may surprise you.


The President and his Party are always telling us that we should be more like Europe. Europe is supposed to be some sort of social Nirvana where their governments care about all people.

Looking at the chart we see that on 10% in the US seem to be worse off than those in Canada Sweden and Australia. As for the rest of the developed world, it’s not even close. In fact the poor in the US are only marginally worse off than the OECD average. And you’re better off being poor in the US that you are rich in Italy, Israel, Russia, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, and Mexico


Please note that this chart doesn’t address the Third World. Africa, China, the Middle East with the exception of Israel, aren’t even on the chart. For the most part that’s because the chart doesn’t go down far enough.  In fact, if you look at the whole world, our poor approach being in “The 1%.”

So, Mr. President, you commentary is not only in direct contradiction of the words of Jesus, who you proclaim to follow, but they are an example of the ultimate hypocrisy of you and your Party.


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