NYC Has a Far Left Mayor – Crime is Skyrocketing

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New York City elected Bill de Blasio as their mayor in the last election, he got about 80% of the vote.  He’s just slightly to right of Karl Marx on the political spectrum.  The new mayor’s first act was to go after the “Stop & Frisk” policy that was put in place by Mayor Rudy Giuliani and made NYC one of the safest big cities in the world.

The folks who commit the crime in NYC have taken notice and crime is skyrocketing.

Here’s a sample from just last weekend.

Here’s a sketch of the man wielding the hammer.

Did you happen to note that the Subway Conquestors and Central Park muggers all share similar characteristics?  Not that any of the news reports noted that the attackers were NOT Asian.  You can be pretty sure of the race of the criminal when race isn’t noted in the news reports.

With respect to the Subway Conquestors…

… the acts are getting more extreme as the vandals try to one up each other.They have been accused of changing destination signs to confuse passengers, surfing train cars, and stealing MTA equipment and gear.

“It’s extremely dangerous. The tools and keys they have give them full control over subway trains just like any other employee of the MTA — which is incredibly scary, because this is 16, 17-year-old kids.

Straphangers wonder how far they will go.

They will go as far as these punks want them to go.  Until NYC residents wise up and elect a new Mayor.  Until then, you’re getting exactly the city you voted for and you deserve.

Hey, call Al Sharpton.  Maybe he’ll organize a march.  At least it’ll organize all the thugs in one spot.

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