Memorial Day Reflections by Hobo John:

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I don’t care for war too much and I imagine most people don’t either; a peace loving God would also, I am sure, prefer peace, brotherhood and sisterhood.  However, God is also freedom loving and when the dark forces of tyranny, power and control threaten nations and worlds he rises up men and women of valor to protect the rights of the many.

Yesterday was Memorial Day and part of my mind always avoids that particular holiday. I don’t know if it is left over childhood memories of graveyards and sad people, or just the enormous amount of sacrifice both to life and health war demands, it can overwhelm the psyche.

Memorial Day

Regardless if you think America’s recent engagements are justified, it takes away nothing from those who have served.

Seeing some of recent veterans coming back from the middle-east with missing limbs, tugs at the heart and makes you realize the sacrifices some make and the brutal cost in human suffering war inflicts.

God also rises up kind hearts to care for the sick and the wounded. It is few who fill these rolls when it should be all of us. Many, including myself in days gone by, have turned our heads, left the room, took the other street, when confronted with someone with no limbs or past out on the sidewalk drunk and alone.

As much as my mind would like to avoid and flinch at the pains of war, if we are going to become tender they must be looked at and reflected upon. This type of reflection, I believe, makes us cherish peace more, makes us kinder, more willing to connect with those in pain be it veterans or homeless people.

My dad served in Germany during a time of peace; growing up however any type of military service was far from my mind.  When I came off the streets that changed. I tried to enlist in the National Guard, turns out I was too old.  But I was inspired to do so because of the number of veterans and guys in the service who stopped to help me out with a burger or few bucks while homeless. You never hear about the biggest hearts in America, they are humble, but if not for them, those who quietly help, this nation would have fallen apart years ago.

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The number of Americans killed in war in the history of the United States is over a million, over 6 thousand have died in the Global War on Terror. Those are Veteran’s Administration numbers.

We all know that a peace bought at the price of freedom is no peace at all,but captivity.

We must strive to find a way to maintain both peace and freedom.

Regardless those who have served and died deserve our greatest respect and admiration and their service reminds us to be grateful and humble as American’s to live where we live, where so many have died to keep us free.

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