Marco Rubio Not a Catholic: Says Nancy Pelosi, the Partial Birth Abortion Advocate

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Nancy Pelosi, apparently believing she’s the Pope, says Marco Rubio isn’t a Catholic.  Her reasoning?  He believes in traditional marriage and sees the gay mafia’s assault on traditional values as a threat to a civil society.  Shame on Marco.

This is the same Nancy Pelosi who says abortion is not a problem for Catholics.  Keep this in mind as you hear her – and all Democrats – criticizing Rubio and anyone else who has the audacity to stand for traditional values.

She really needs to take that up with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, the senior member of the Catholic clergy in her home parish.  Here’s what Pelosi’s Archbishop said in response to her diatribe.

“This has been established in medical science for over 100 years. Catholic moral teaching acknowledges this scientific fact, and has always affirmed the grave moral evil of taking an innocent human life.

“This has been the consistent teaching of the Church from the very beginning, a teaching already discernible in the natural moral law, and so a teaching from which no Catholic can dissent in good conscience,” he said.

“It is the obligation of pastors of souls to reach out to their people who have difficulty understanding and accepting such important teachings of the Church in order to extend to them true pastoral care and, where appropriate, to establish a regular dialogue,” he added.

“This is something I have always striven to do in the various ministries I have exercised as a priest and bishop, including now as the Archbishop of San Francisco. I ask for people’s prayers for success as I continue to strive to do this.”

Pelosi likes to insist, on both abortion and homosexual rights, “It isn’t an ideological fight, it is a personal health issue.”

That’s exactly the line we’d expect to hear from an apostate of the faith.  All we can say at this point is, Nancy, you can expect to have that argument at the Great White Throne.  Don’t expect to prevail.

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