Loudmouthed New Yorker Wishes He’d Stayed in New York! Gets His Clock Cleaned in Arizona

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So this guy leaves New York and comes to Arizona.  Gets into a verbal exchange of who knows what and then proceeds to challenge a local to a fight.  He’s gonna show the desert rat just what a tough guy looks like.


This is a rare occurrence here in our home state.  For one thing, if you’re out and about it’s a good idea to assume that EVERYBODY is carrying a handgun.  An armed society is a polite society.

Another point to remember if you think you’re tough is to have a really good understanding of your skill as a tough guy.  For some reason, punks always seem to fall short of that.  We once saw 10 gangbangers pick a fight with two Marines.  One banger got arrested.  Eight went to the hospital.  One got away.  And to quote one of the Marines, “It’s OK.  We know who the mother****** is.”

The final point that we’d like to reinforce is this.  When in doubt, keep your mouth shut.

All in all, it was a happy ending.


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