Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, Launches Huge Investigation! Do Black Lives Matter?

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Over the past few weeks we’ve seen cities exploding and riots in Baltimore.  The Justice Department has been working on consent decrees to effectively take over the Baltimore Police Department.  You can expect to see them taking over the Cleveland PD as well in the aftermath of a “not-guilty” verdict in the trial of a white cop charged with killing two blacks.  Unarmed blacks who led the cops on a 22 mile high speed chase.  Black lives matter, right?

Then there was Memorial Day weekend.

In Baltimore, 29 people were shot and nine ended up dead in random violence over the three day weekend.  So far this year Baltimore has seen 108 murders, on track for an all time record.

Then there’s Chicago.  Fifty-six people were shot and 12 of those died.

There’s no reporting on the race of the victims, but it’s a safe bet that of the 21 dead, likely 21 were black.  And 64 of 64 of the wounded were black.  We may be off by a couple, but in places like Chicago and Baltimore, not very many white people get shot.

It’s also worth noting that it’s likely all of the shooters in both cities were black.  That’s the culture in places like Chicago and Baltimore.

So, you’d expect President Obama’s new Attorney General, Eric Holder in drag, to be focusing on the death toll in the “black community.”  After all, black lives matter.

Actually, it appears that they don’t.

Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department unsealed a 47-count indictment Wednesday morning laden with racketeering, corruption and conspiracy charges against 14 people associated with FIFA, the world soccer association, and international soccer organizations.

Black lives?  Not when there’s high profile soccer indictments to hand down.

The mayor of Chicago is claiming that the reason for all the murders is “gun trafficking.”  We’d argue the point, we think the destruction of black families by Democratic policies has a whole lot more to do with it, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

In that case, why isn’t Attorney General Lynch’s BATF mounting an investigation into the gangs that are transporting guns into places like Baltimore and Chicago?

Well, for starters, those gangs are likely black gangs.  Heaven forbid we mess with black gangsters, it could give the black community a bad reputation.  Oh wait, their reputation already sucks.

The real bottom line here is that black lives DON’T matter one tiny little bit to black leaders and especially to black political leaders.  They’ve been watching the equivalent of a Fallujah or Ramadi go on year after year in among black youth and they’ve done nothing to address the real problem.  The disintegration of the family in the War on Poverty.

$22 trillion later and all Democrats and their policies have done is enslave the black community in a plantation of government  handouts and watch the young people in their communities kill one another.

So, if somebody wants to convince us that “black lives matter,” they’ve got to convince the black leadership first.  When we see some action – other than throwing our money at the problem – then will pay attention.

Until then, well, we’ve got a soccer game to watch.

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