Livestream: Protest And Draw Mohammed Contest At Phoenix Mosque

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Oh wow. A Draw Mohammed Contest at a Mosque? All I can say is, where is my invite? You just have to love it when people have the balls to do crazy stuff like this- I know I do!

A Marine has organized this dubious collaboration…let’s watch and see how this works out, shall we?


A free speech/anti-Islam rally is happening tonight outside an Islamic community center in Phoenix, Arizona. The rally is being organized by former Marine Jon Ritzheimer, who also plans to have a Muhammad cartoon contest at the event.

The rally is specifically being held at the same center reportedly attended by the two individuals who targeted a similar cartoon contest in Garland, Texas just weeks ago.



There have been some concerns about whether this rally is promoting violence, and the mayor of Phoenix has expressed his personal discomfort.

There’s a competing “love rally” expected to be held at the center at the same time.

Awwwww, a love rally? As in, I love rallies that support AMERICA and her values? No need to compete, then, my dears.

Go ahead and join us, I promise we will let you use our pencils for the drawing contest AND that we don’t bite.


In all seriousness, this is a great response to the shootings in Garland, Texas, and this contest is being held at the same center attended by the vigilante shooters. BURN! I love it. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this, America.

H/T: Mediaite

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