Let’s Help This Decorated Veteran!

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Every day I feel like I see a new GofundMe.com pop up in my newsfeed. Someone’s kid wrecked a car, or family needs groceries, or even some people are just greedy and want to go on vacation. Before you start, I get that GoFundMe is not the morality police. Spare me the lecture. This one, however, is different. Why, oh jaded Katie, would this catch your eye, you may ask. I’ll tell you.

This man is different.

He is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He could easily be my father, which initially was what pulled me in. When I read his story, it almost broke my little heart into a million pieces of hurt, knowing that we should ALL be doing better for our veterans.

From the GoFundMe.com Page:

My Father is dying from Malignant Melanoma. He is in stage 4 advanced stage and isn’t expected to survive months, let alone a year. A treatment option has been brought to our attention that could cure him. CURE him. I’m asking for donations to help us get this man the treatment he deserves.

M. David Davis, retired US ARMY SSG is suffering cancer from exposure to agent orange from his service to our country in the Vietnam war. The VA has been misdiagnosing his condition for years and we just recently found out the “calcium deposits” are tumors all over his body and in his organs. It is so bad that chemo wasn’t even offered as treatment because he is too far progressed.

A beloved father of 5, husband, soldier, all around good man and where I learned to be a smart ass from needs your help. So does his family. Help make a difference not only for my father’s sake, but for those around him who would suffer a great loss.

Thank you all and may God bless you.

The following is a letter from my Dad:


Who am I? A father of five children. Retired from the United States Army. A decorated combat veteran. A military advisor and nuclear weapons specialist with top secret clearances. A soldier dying within months and not more than a year. Death not in the line of duty but death due to negligence. Failure to refer and misdiagnosed by a system that is inept with no accountability and the failure of the system.

I have been seen by two different VA hospitals since my retirement with the same results for the past 20 years. In 1998 for a hemorrhoid operation, I was given an epidermal in the spine T7 area and caught E-Coli hospitalizing me for a month. With one year of inter- venous antibiotics. (Insinuating, that I put a needle in my spinal column and infected myself.)

The last ten years, I have been seen by the VA for sores which the VA gave me antibiotic creams and antibiotics by mouth with never having a biopsy of said sores. Last fall, I complained again to the VA and I was told the same. Maybe warts or have I ever had HIV. I flew to Maine and had a surgeon take one out and was told. “It was cancer”. February, I complained to the VA again… And told my VA doctor which refused the records and the civilian doctor’s card to call. The VA doctor said, “I do not want an outside opinion and would not call.” After much complaining about a cyst on the right side of my face the doctor planned to have it taken out.


Diagnosis: METASTISES MALIGNANT MELANOMA, STAGE 4. Test revealed, 6 tumors in left lung, 2 tumors in right lung, tumors in breast, neck and other areas. Further analysis state, activity in liver and spleen and intestines.

My last meeting: The VA Oncologist. He would not offer me chemo or radiation because it would do no good. I asked for referrals to civilian organizations and or experimental treatment. My answer was. “The VA does not do referrals or will help me get into any research at civilian or pay any expenses”

The final result: I am looking for my own burial sites, I was not referred to social services at the VA to help me. So what is the outcome? I fought for my country and my country brings me home to die in its own government sponsored hospitals….Socialized Medicine….If anyone thinks I have a problem wait in till the government has full say in civilian care.

Last words: If I had been properly diagnosed, referred, and or a simple biopsy ten years ago I would not be dying and I would be able to watch my children marry and grandchildren grow.

My best to you all! My family! My Country! And to our Lord whom has made me!!!!

M. David Davis SSG, U.S. Army Retired. Combat Vet. [email protected]

First, this should not even be a needed campaign. This man served and fought for our country and came back to a country that treated them with disrespect instead of honor, for something very noble that they tried to do. Our own government denied the chemical exposures and minimized the disabilities many who returned suffered, and left them in the inept hands of the VA. Secondly, this man should not have to worry about a darn thing since he served, and especially more since he was a combat veteran. Thirdly, the amount donated is painfully small. I encourage you to look within yourself, and ask if this was your family, what would you give to see your father live? Can you afford to skip Starbucks tomorrow so that this man might LIVE another day? It literally will take you 3 minutes (your Starbucks line time) to donate $5. I, personally, will be donating as soon as this writing is done. Look in your heart, and see the man begging for a chance to live, that needs some support from those he defended and protected. Please, help this Veteran. Please.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, on Facebook, or email the author at [email protected]

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