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Left-wing NY Mayor DeBlasio Has a Frightening Left-wing “Contract With America”


Mayor DeBlasio has to be the most disgusting example of corrupt, vile, and biased governing in current power. For example, DeBlasio is currently trying to build his army of minions as we speak and the net he is casting is reaching far and wide.

He doesn’t plan to stop in New York, or anywhere near, as matter of fact. Just a few shocking snippets of his scheming will have you reeling:


De Blasio to unveil a progressive version of the “Contract with America”: “On Tuesday, May 12, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will convene progressive leaders from across the country at the U.S. Capitol’s … House Triangle in support of The Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality. The Progressive Agenda … builds upon the work of dozens of economists, lawmakers, and … activists.”

De Blasio convened a group of a dozen national progressives at Gracie Mansion on April 2, and they discussed ideas for addressing income inequality. Then the conversation extended to others — economists, electeds, activists. More than 60 big names have signed on, including Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.); Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.), and Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.); Marian Wright Edelman and Howard Dean; national labor leaders; and actors Susan Sarandon and Steve Buscemi.

Rolling Stone’s May 21 issue has a 7½ page spread, “The Mayor’s Crusade: Bill de Blasio is trying to remake America’s biggest city – and he doesn’t plan to stop there,” by Mark Binelli: “de Blasio convened a closed-door meeting of national thought leaders and elected officials … to begin work on a new version of the ‘Contract With America,’ only this one would be a product of the left, focusing on economic policies … Looking to rejuvenate the Democratic Party, he’d turned not to Bill Clinton, whose strategy of triangulation the mayor openly repudiates, but Newt Gingrich.”

Staten Island D.A. overcomes questions about Garner, takes shot at de Blasio — Capital’s Colby Hamilton: Staten Island district attorney Dan Donovan won a special election to the House on Tuesday, easily defeating his opponent, a Brooklyn councilman, and overcoming concerns that his candidacy would be a lightning rod in the debate over police-community relations. With 98 percent of precincts reporting, Donovan captured nearly 60 percent of the vote, far outpacing Councilman Vincent Gentile of Brooklyn, who received just over 39 percent of the vote. …

“The hardworking men and women of the middle class spoke loud and clear. You sent a message to President Obama, to Nancy Pelosi—and yes, even to Bill de Blasio—that their policies are wrong for our nation, they’re wrong for our city, and they’re they’re wrong for the people of the 11th congressional district,” Donovan said to cheers. Both candidates largely ignored the [Eric Garner] case on the campaign trail, preferring to focus on more parochial issues like taxes and tolls. “We may have fallen short on delivering the messages we wanted to deliver to the doorstep of D.C., but we still have work to do,” Gentile told a crowd of about 50 energetic supporters—including Garner’s parents, Benjamin and Gwen Carr—on Tuesday night.

Gentile said he was unsure if he would run again. “I don’t know yet, that’s something I’d have to look at,” he told reporters after his speech. “First and foremost I have to focus on my job in the City Council.”

“Congratulations, New York, You’re #1 in Corruption,” by Governing reporter Alan Greenblatt in Politico Magazine: “Other states have plenty of corruption, but it’s hard to beat New York when it comes to sheer volume. … Having the top leaders in both chambers face indictment in the same session is an unparalleled achievement, but Skelos is now the fifth straight Senate majority leader in Albany to face indictment. New York doesn’t so much have a culture of corruption as an entire festival. … All told, more than two dozen members of the New York state legislature have been indicted or resigned in disgrace over the past five years.”

So basically, what I am hearing DeBlasio saying with his actions is that he gives no craps about New York, or anyone else but himself. He doesn’t care that his actions have utter disdain for traditional acts of leadership, or that New York is corrupt as hell. But that’s cool, right? Classic DeBlasio style. Moron.

H/T: Capital New York

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