Kurds Find SHOCKING Photos of BABY Beheading on Dead ISIS Militant’s Phone

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ISIS has all kinds of issues, not the least of which is new photos that were discovered by Kurds. A Dead Militant’s phone had pictures of something shocking even to the strongest stomachs and minds. Dead men tell no tales, but this picture of bloodcurdling cruelty, ruthlessness tells 1000 words:


Yes, that is a baby. A baby girl. A terrified, scared little girl. She is someone’s daughter. What on earth could she have possibly done to ISIS to make them want to kill her? Her life was somehow worthy of an ending by beheading?

The bigger issue here, folks, is that this speaks VOLUMES about how far gone ISIS really is. They are KILLING babies. Do you think that they are really firing on all cylinders? Oh hell no, they aren’t. These are the people who also released a really fake ‘hacker’ video with info available on a quick Google search. Yea, sorry, not intimidated. But ISIS persists in making themselves a presence, trying desperately to recruit all warm bodies. This is happening. We cannot snuggle down in a cozy nest of lies and pretend that this photo could not have been taken on American soil. Or that it is your child, your cousin, your niece. When they come, it will not be a gentle knock at the door. They will break it down with tanks.

Stay on watch, America.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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