Kirsten Powers on the War Against Free Speech and Why Most on the Left Don’t Get It

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Kirsten Powers has an amazing way of explaining how the war on free speech works. The interview is marked out below by The Daily Signal, but all seven minutes are truly worth watching. Enjoy the insight to ‘the other side’:


Powers gives example after example of how those who oppose a particular political or cultural view will pull out all the stops to silence and shame their opposition. I begin by asking if this is just a problem of those on the left wanting to silence conservatives and whether those waging such campaigns are willing to do so no matter the costs.

You can watch the full seven-minute interview or see her answers to each of my questions by going to the time codes in the video listed below:
•1:55: Did she ever question whether it was a good idea to write this book—and if she would suffer backlash for it?
•2:48: How does she rate the state of free speech and debate on America’s college campuses?
•4:10: Why does she believe “The Silencing” is a must-read for moderates and those left of center?
•5:00: She explains why there is so much animus from the left, including President Obama, against Fox News.
•6:10: Conservatives want to know: How is it that someone who seems so smart and principled remains a liberal?

Just remember, guys, the main thing is that liberals believe in free speech. Oh, for them, not you, of course.

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Kirsten Powers: Obama Surrounds Himself With ‘Kool-Aid Drinkers’ & Suck-Ups

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