Jake Tapper Calls Out a Perverted Democrat Party

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Even CNN’s Jake Tapper criticized the Democrat Party over the photo it chose to post in honor of Memorial Day – you know, that day when we like to remember with appreciation those brave men and women who have given their lives in their efforts to keep America free.

When their country called, they did their duty – unlike Bowe Berghahl, the deserter who was said to have so honorably served his country that it was just fine to give up 5 terrorists in order to get him back.

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They honored those who have fought and died to maintain American’s freedom by posting a photo of Barack Hussein Obama eating an ice cream cone while adoring media photographers photographed “his greatness”.  I kid you not!  Click on the link here to see

A tweet from Tapper: “Respectfully, @TheDemocrats, this is not what Memorial Day Weekend is about,” he tweeted in response.  [Respectfully, Jake, why do you say “respectfully” to a party which clearly does not respect our military?]

This is nothing new.  Several times we have witnessed Barack Obama post self-adulating photos of himself on an important day.  He famously posted a photo of himself riding in the back of the bus, staring sadly out the window, as his way of saluting the famous and important Rosa Parks.  It was all about HIM, as everything is.

On the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the moon. Obama wanted to honor this historical man.  He did so by posting a photo of  himself gazing up at the moon.  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2012/08/26/to-honor-neil-armstrong-obama-posts-a-picture-of-himself/

One time he commemorated an important event by posting a photo of himself looking at a computer screen of someone else’s commemoration of the important event.  He was so in touch with them!

And who can forget that he at first had to learn the proper way to salute.  Recently he took a lot of push back after saluting with his hand holding a cup of coffee.  It was so inconvenient, don’t you know, to switch the cup to the other hand.

And let’s not forget when he called a corpsman a corpse-man, for he is so into honoring the military.  He is leading the Democrat party and we see that the Democrat party has been absorbing all of his lessons.  Heaven help our country.

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