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Jade Helm Military Exercise Causing Political Firestorm In Texas


You’ve heard of Operation “Jade Helm” – but what is it?

Jade Helm is a military exercise being conducted over several SouthWestern states and it’s creating something of a political firestorm.

As the commentator noted some on right, especially people like Alex Jones whose forte is conspiracy theories, are up in arms about operation Jade Helm. Please keep in mind that Alex Jones thinks the federal government was responsible for 911.

Here’s what the US military has to say about the purpose of Jade Helm.

Apparently Texas seems to be the home of outrage about Jade Helm. Texas Congressmen have been on the receiving end of phone calls and outrage at town meetings. Newly elected Texas governor Greg Abbott attended one of those town meetings and he’s having the Texas National Guard keep track of what the military is doing with respect Jade Helm in Texas.

Governor Abbott was recently questioned about his actions and his opinion about Jade Helm.

At this point, we believe the special operations folks, Utah National Guard, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Given that any real fighting the US military is likely to do in the foreseeable future is going to be in a place where the terrain looks a lot like the Southwest US, operation Jade Helm makes sense.

The fact that the nutcase Alex Jones is waving red flags should not be a cause for alarm. Alex Jones and his followers belong in straitjackets.

It’s obvious to us that the real issue here is not mistrust of the US military, rather mistrust of the current administration in particular and the federal government in general. And on that note we take a very high level trust warranted, not necessarily about Jade Helm, but about everything they do.

The Obama administration has more than enough police at their disposal – including SWAT teams from the Department of Education and the FDA – they don’t need the US military.

We also believe that if the military was ordered to take up arms against American citizens they would refuse. We have zero confidence that those attached Department of Homeland Security would refuse.

You want something to be concerned about, be concerned about armed federal agencies and be very concerned about the Justice Department and their consent orders with local police departments all over the nation.

There lies the real threat.



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