Houston Launches CITIZENSHIP CORNER Website: Helps Illegals Navigate Amnesty

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Have you heard about this website to promote Obama’s amnesty, called; “Citizenship Corner?” How brazen have Democrats become in opposing our nation’s sovereignty and encouraging a flood of illegal aliens to tip the balance in future elections?

This is what Houston, Texas has done – by Mike Paranzino


Few cities are more energetically promoting President Obama’s unlawful mass amnesty than Houston.  When a Federal Judge halted Obama’s Executive Amnesty in February, Houston’s Democratic Mayor Annise Parker held a media event to assure the city’s illegal aliens that “I am certain the recent court order delaying implementation of the President’s order will be temporary.”

The mayor announced a new website “to make sure that Houston is prepared for the implementation of the President’s executive order.”  The city-owned website for illegals is named: citizenshipcorner.org .

According to the WHOIS internet master database, Houston’s IT department registered the site just 18 days after Obama announced his sweeping amnesty.

The city’s campaign is being conducted in concert with a host of left-wing community organizer groups, referred to by the city as “trusted partner organizations.”  One of those listed is none other than Mi Familia Vota – a left-wing voter registration group.  Forget “coming out of the shadows” – this is about flooding the ballot box with new poor voters permanently dependent on government handouts and the politicians who will keep the freebies flowing.

So how is mass illegal immigration working out for Houston?  The city’s press release on Obama’s amnesty noted: “More than 200,000 undocumented immigrants in the Houston region will be eligible for legal status through the new programs.”  Separately, the city notes that nearly one million Houston-area residents are non-citizens (legal and illegal).  Houston has double the national average of both foreign-born residents (28%) and residents who speak a language other than English at home (46%).

Certainly, Houston has booming sectors, fueled by energy, chemicals, transportation and aeronautics businesses.  But America’s fourth-biggest city also has big problems: massive poverty, along with a level of high school and college education that Forbes ranks as 91st in the nation.

Amnesty Dems

As alarmingly, Houston has a poverty rate of 23%, an astounding 50% higher than the nation as a whole; and the poverty rates for Hispanics and African-Americans are about four times the rate for Caucasians, according to the author of a Rice University report on Houston. Massive immigration of the poor into Houston’s open arms clearly exacerbates those problems.

Sadly, it is middle class and poor US citizens of all races and ethnicities who pay the price for the elites’ affection for open borders.  The elites get cheap landscaping and nannies, while their kids go to private schools.  But the poor and middle class get overcrowded public schools and diversions of social services to aid newly-arrived illegals.

In the first half of 2014, Harris County (which includes the city of Houston), led the nation in young Central American arrivals from the 2014 surge set off by Obama’s amnesty talk.

The “assistant superintendant for multilingual programs” in the Houston Independent School District admitted to the Houston Chronicle that the influx presented “‘a significant increase,’ noting many of the students fitting those categories are attending schools in the heavily Latino southwest part of Houston….  The district is looking at ways to shift resources to those schools as well as implementing training for teachers who aren’t certified in teaching English as a Second Language, for instance.”

Shift resources.  Away from citizens, to illegals.  Perhaps that is why African-American poverty is so great in Houston:  they face a never-ending influx of poor newcomers, competing for jobs and driving down wages as they flood the city’s schools and health care system and divert social service dollars.


In fact, it sounds a lot like Baltimore, another city that openly advertises for illegals to move there.  As a 2012 NBC News headline put it: “Baltimore to immigrants: Welcome in, no questions asked.”

Houston shockingly named its illegal alien web portal CitizenshipCorner.  But it could more accurately be named CitizensAreCornered – paying for the mass importation of poverty into their wonderful city.

Reprinted by permission:

Mike Paranzino is a conservative writer and researcher who can be reached at [email protected] .

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