Hillary VS GOP Frontrunners: How Does She Do?

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All the polls in New Hampshire.  That’s right, dropping like a rock.  We’ve long said that Hillary would peak on the day she announced and it looks like we were right.  All Republicans are now within the margin of error in head-to-head match-ups.

Clinton is too well known for her own good.  She’s been a household name for twenty years and she’s got more baggage than would have fit on the Titanic.  Given, she could sit at home from now until next November and get 43% or so of the vote.  The problem is going to be the next 7%.

Here’s where she stands today in New Hampshire.

  • Clinton v Paul:  46 / 43
  • Clinton v Rubio:  44 / 42
  • Clinton v Bush:  44 / 42
  • Clinton v Walker:  46 / 40

She’s up by two and three against people with fairly high name recognition, and we’re especially surprised at the two point lead over Bush.

With respect to the six point lead over Walker, he’s a relative unknown in New Hampshire and he’ll close that gap once people get to know him.

Keep in mind that Hillary will be moving left as time goes by, she’s already well to the left of even Obama on immigration.  If she wants to make sure that “Fauxcahauntis” Elizabeth Warren stays out of the race she’s got to move left on pretty much everything else and that will hurt her in the middle and with so-called independents.

Democrats are in a world of hurt.  An old, white woman who’s only claim to fame is standing by her misogynistic old, white husband isn’t going to generate enthusiasm.

Especially when faced with a Walker/Fiorina or Rubio/Firorina ticket.


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