Here’s Hillary Being Condescending to a Reporter Just Trying to Do Their Job

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Hillary’s been running from reporters for the last six months.  At first it was a marathon, but she’s turning it into sprints.  She refuses to answer questions.

Her supporters will say she’s taking questions from “real people” but that’s not the case at all.  It’s been documented that most of the “real people” asking her questions are Democratic staffers and volunteers who are salted into the groups with prearranged questions.

Here’s what happened to a reporter at a recent Hillary event.

Nice huh?  “Is that all right?”

No Hillary.  It’s not all right.  Not at all.

What can we say.  Well, we could say that Hillary is a condescending bitch.  What the heck, we WILL say that Hillary is a condescending bitch.

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