Gay Employee Suing Jesse Jackson For Harassment: You May Not Even WANT to Know Why

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Jesse Jackson sued for harassment by a homosexual employee for making him clean up after Jackson had sex with a Fox News contributor.

Not making this up. Can’t make up stuff like this…

We didn’t know whether to laugh or take a shower when we ran into this story.  So we laughed in the shower.  We love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning.

We can’t think of anybody who deserves to be sued more than Jesse Jackson.  Mr. Greenmail.

This lawsuit should be fun because it looks like Jesse isn’t going to settle.  Like he did when he was forced to admit he had “a” mistress and he was the sperm donor for her baby.

That one didn’t go so well for “The Rev.”

This one probably won’t either, and the headlines aren’t likely to go away because of one of the people involved:

Tamara Holder, a FoxNews contributor who appears frequently to defend Barack Obama from the right wing conspirators who run Fox.

And are somehow paid under the table by the Koch Brothers.

The Courthouse News Service is going where National Enquirer hasn’t yet with the lurid details.  Here’s a taste…

CHICAGO (CN) – A former employee of the Rainbow Push Coalition, who is gay, claims he was sexually harassed by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and his staff, forced to clean up after Jackson’s sexual escapades with women in hotel rooms, and that the discrimination culminated with his firing two days before Christmas in 2009.

Tommy R. Bennett sued the Rainbow Push Coalition and Jesse Jackson Sr. in Cook County Court. They are the only parties to the complaint.

Bennett says his sexual orientation was well known due to his appearances as the gay “Aruba Tommy” on the nationally syndicated radio program, the “Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

Bennett says he worked in three positions for the Rainbow Push Coalition, for 60 to 70 hours a week, from July 2007 until Dec. 23, 2009.


According to the complaint: “Caroline Wiggins, the membership and volunteer coordinator, went to Rev. Jackson to speak with him and inform him that she did not want to be under his supervision because Mr. Bennett is homosexual.

“Rev. Jackson moved Ms. Wiggins from under Mr. Bennett’s supervision and put her under the supervision of the field director, Rev. Livingston. Mr. Bennett was informed of this by Rev. Livingston.


Then, he says, a female attorney, Tamara Holder, pushed him out of his job as director of the coalition’s legal clinic, because he is male and homosexual.


“Mr. Bennett was informed by chief of staff John Mitchell that Mr. Bennett was expected to take on these additional duties – both for the national field director and as Rev. Jackson’s travel assistant,” the complaint states.


As Jackson’s travel assistant, Bennett says, he was “subjected to humiliating tasks.”

He says, “It was well known Ms. Holder was a mistress of Rev. Jackson. As Rev. Jackson’s travel assistant, Mr. Bennett had been to Ms. Holder’s apartment with Rev. Jackson and was told to wait in the car while he went into her apartment. On several occasions, Mr. Bennett was instructed by Rev. Jackson to escort Ms. Holder to Rev. Jackson’s hotel room at the Hilton at Chicago O’Hare airport.”

Late in 2008, Bennett says, he was accused “by the Chairman of the Board, Martin King, of faxing a letter to the Jackson family from Kinkos at 2 a.m. informing them of the affair between Rev. Jackson and Ms. Holder.”

But Bennett says, “After Rainbow Push did a thorough investigation of the letter, they found out that the letter came from Judge Vanessa Hobson, who was another mistress of Rev. Jackson.”

Jesse’s been a busy boy.

We’re wondering if Ms. Holder will be asked about her affair with Jackson and about her obviously homophobic comments and actions directed against Mr. Bennett.  Will the troops at MSNBC take up the cudgel?  They’ve got an opportunity to defend homosexuality and bash a FoxNews contributor at the same time!

Will Jesse deny the affairs?  He’s already been caught lying about sleeping around once, why not again.  And again.

Will the press, like maybe Anderson Cooper, go after Jesse?  Will they investigate his homophobia and the kind of behavior he not only tolerates but enables at PUSH?

Probably not.  Unfortunately.



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