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Freddie Gray Tests Positive for HEROIN and POT: Police Say He Was Drug Dealing


A Sean Hannity interview on Fox News revealed that the preliminary toxicology report on Freddie Gray tested positive for heroin and marijuana. During the interview, an insider who remains nameless, has come forward with details about the alleged reason Gray was really arrested.

Apparently, drugs were initially part of the alleged situation that led to Gray’s arrest. The insider has reportedly stated that Gray’s toxicology report conducted by the University of Maryland reveals he tested positive for heroin and marijuana.


The police involved also says the deceased was observed in a possible drug deal before the cops tried to apprehend him. The cop stayed anonymous throughout the interview, causing some to speculate that the cops have absolutely no trust in the Baltimore city government.

Reason being the police are probably fearful of retribution and I don’t blame him – they are throwing the book at good cops because a drug dealer got high, got arrested and caused his own death probably. They are political prisoners to a Progressive, racist agenda.

The details surrounding Freddie Gray’s death are still quite mysterious. Although local citizens are pleased with the charges that have been brought against the six Baltimore police officers involved, many people are still questioning if all the details will ever be divulged.

Police are stating that they actually observed Gray completing a drug transaction prior to his arrest on the morning of April 12. Although the insider’s claims have raised eyebrows, unfortunately, there is no way to confirm whether or not the claims are true. Even if officers speculated that Gray was involved in an illegal drug transaction, there’s no way to support those claims either. Other than the questionable knife in Gray’s possession, no speculation of drug activity was reported on the arrest affidavit.


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