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Freddie Gray, the “Victim”: A Serial Criminal Poisoning the Children of Baltimore


Freddy Gray is the wrong “hero” to rally around in Baltimore, but because it’s Baltimore they have bigger problems.

Let’s take a quick peek at the failures of the Race Industry in Barack Obama’s “post-racial Presidency.”

First there was Treyvon “If I had a son” Martin. He was portrayed as the victim of a “white-Hispanic,” who hunted him down and murdered him. The Race Industry actually got that case all the way to a trial. At the trial Treyvon was shown to be the wannabe gang-banger punk that he was, and it turned out he was the attacker. An all female, all minority jury found the “white-Hispanic” not guilty. Oops.

Next came Michael “the gentle giant” Brown. It was initially reported that he was shot in half by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. It turned out that he attacked the cop who shot him in self-defense. Again, it turns out that Brown was a thug with a violent criminal past. Oops again.

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice did manage to not let a crisis go to waste in Ferguson. They did a long investigation and when they announced their findings they spent about a minute noting that the police officer did the right thing when he shot Michael Brown and then they spent about an hour condemning the racist Ferguson police department for writing too many traffic tickets to Fergusons black residents.

Then there was the “I can’t breathe” guy in Long Island. He resisted arrest, while being arrested for something he’d already been arrested for at the same location eight times, and police used a chokehold to subdue him. He later died in custody from heart failure that had nothing to do with the chokehold. Hell was raised, but a grand jury refused to indict the police officers. Again, another dead black perpetrator with a long criminal history.

And here we are today in Baltimore. Freddie Gray is arrested by Baltimore police, and dies in custody. More police racism. Guess what? Freddie Gray had been arrested eighteen times, was currently out on bail and facing a criminal trial in May. He ran from police when they approached him, they chased him down and arrested him. He was put into a van to be transported to jail, ended up in the hospital, and died a week later.

Riots in the streets. “Black lives matter.” (No they don’t.) Al Sharpton, on the scene. Barack Obama sends in the Justice Department. Gee, where have we seen this before?

It turns out that a prisoner who was in the same police as Freddie gave a statement to the effect that Mister Gray was banging himself against the walls of the van during the ride. While there’s nothing conclusive, it appears that Mr. Gray’s injuries may have been self-inflicted.

While were not sure what’s going to happen, it’s interesting that Baltimore politicians and community leaders have been running around for two days trying to lower expectations what might happen with regard to the police report that’s due out tomorrow.

The biggest problem for the Race Industry is that in Baltimore the mayor, the entire City Council, the congressional representation, the entire political power structure of the city is and has been black and/or far-left Democrat since the 60s. In that time there’s also only been to Republican governors of the state of Maryland. If there is corruption and racism in Baltimore all fingers should point directly at the current mayor and current City Council.

The Democrats’ only hope for redemption in this one is that Maryland has a brand-new Republican governor, Larry Hogan. Larry’s been in office a month or so and the media is doing their best to pin the riots in Baltimore on him.

And in Washington, Barack Obama has noted on several occasions that it’s the Congressional Republicans who want to withhold trillions of dollars of economic help to the inner cities.

Any questions?



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