Flag Burning Protester Issues Manifesto Threatening Whites

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The Eric Sheppard (American Flag burning scum) story just gets better and better.  We reported on the punk who started a flag burning protest at Valdosta State University that was picked up by liberals and blacks on social media.  (ObamaPhones are a wonderful thing.)

Sheppard was arrested in Florida on an outstanding Georgia warrant for possessing a gun in a backpack at Valdosta State.  The “black community,” through Eric’s attorney, went into full enabling mode for their Punk of the Week.

Eric’s decision not to fight extradition coupled with his peaceful surrender when arrested, confirms Eric is not a threat to the community. Unfortunately, what appears to be lost in the coverage of Eric’s activism as a student is that he is merely a college kid trying to figure out life under some extraordinary stressful circumstances.


Eric has never been arrested or in any trouble. Even law enforcement authorities in Valdosta have dismissed statements they have made recently regarding Eric as a “publicity stunt”. Eric and his family would like to thank everyone who has prayed for his safe return to Georgia. He looks forward to learning from this experience and having an opportunity to properly process and address everything that has happened after he exercised his 1st Amendment right by engaging in public protest and freedom of speech. He remains committed to being a positive agent of change and helping improve the conditions under which many people in our society continue to struggle in.

Al Sharpton move over!

It turns out there’s more to the story.  It turns out that when Sheppard was was busy desecrating the American flag, he got put in his place by an Air Force veteran.  And, not just any Air Force veteran, the job was done by this Air Force veteran, as a matter of fact.

Meet Michelle Manhart.  Michelle faced off with our Punk of the Week and took the flag away from him.  Of course, being on a college campus, Michelle was arrested and led away in cuffs while our POTW ran away with his tail between his legs.  Punks just don’t seem to be a menacing as we remember them.  Michelle wasn’t charged.

As we noted earlier, a gun was found in Sheppard’s backpack and a warrant was issued for his arrest, he ran to Florida where he was arrested last week.  His time in Florida was well spent though.  Apparently his attorney considers stuff like the following to be evidence of his being “… committed to being a positive agent of change and helping improve the conditions under which many people in our society continue to struggle in.”

You can find Sheppard’s entire “manifesto” here.  It is a rambling effort that demonstrates a number of things, including the fact that Sheppard never learned the principles of English grammar.  Here is the salient part of Sheppard’s “manifesto,” we provided the punctuation.

In direct address to my People I say to You this: Love Your Fellow Revolutionary Afrikans, Hate the Wicked Oppressive European. Act in Righteousness and Deliver Complete Compensatory, Expedited and Immediate Justice at All Times unto This Empire.

In the Words of My Ancestor El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) as He stated in his Autobiography:

”…the collective white man had acted like a devil in every contact he had with the world’s collective non-white man.”

Sheppard then goes on to quote “Our Fallen General Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.”  So you understand exactly where he stands, this video is the rant that Sheppard quotes.


After that, Sheppard wraps up his rant with this.

In the Words of my Brotha Sara Suten Seti, “[Our] Mission is to Slay the Children of this [White] Beast One by Goddamn One!”

Again, the words of Sheppard’s attorney, “… committed to being a positive agent of change and helping improve the conditions under which many people in our society continue to struggle in.”

Given the record of the “black community” in picking their “heroes” – Trayvon Thug Martin, Michael Gangsta Brown, Eric Punk Garner, Freddie Jailbird Gray – we can see how Eric Sheppard will fit right in.

His trial should be interesting, can’t wait to hear how his attorney justifies this little rant.  And, of course, you can bet that Eric Holder’s Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice will weigh in with an investigation of the Vadosta police department and ask the important questions like, “Why wasn’t that AF veteran charged with assault?”


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