Female ISIS Recruiter is a Journalism Student Living in Seattle

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Barack Obama once referred to ISIS as “the JV team.”

Well Mr. President, you’re sure as hell not Kobe.  And it’s looking more and more like the “JV team” has you outmatched.

The latest episode in the match-up is playing out in Seattle where a female journalism student has been outed as ISIS’ top recruiter for females.

This is the mysterious but influential woman until now known only [email protected]_UmmWaqqas. Her real life is seemingly obscured from view, with her face completely covered in pictures posted online. As one of the most influential ISIS-linked women online, she describes to her 8,000 followers the religious duty for Muslims to join the Caliphate. She has been in personal contact with Brits and Americans on the eve of their departures, and she is close to fighters and jihadi brides in Syria.

@_UmmWaqqasis today revealed by Channel 4 News to have been set up and operated by Rawdah Abdisalaam, a twenty-something female believed to be from Seattle. She advocates mass emigration to Islamic State while seemingly enjoying the creature comforts of the American lifestyle…

She is recruiting young women into sexual slavery for ISIS terrorists and her communication vehicle of choice has been Twitter.  Her account is now shut down, but we’d bet a dollar that if she doesn’t have another one opened yet, it will be coming quickly.

Needless to say, Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security is on the trail.  As soon as they get through groping some airline passengers.

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