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Black Ex-Con Who Shot White Social Worker Tried to Rape Her First: Where’s Obama, Holder, Sharpton?


A social worker, trying to make a difference in people’s lives had the most horrifying experience – and paid with her life. These are the things that nightmares are made of, folks. This is what women are afraid of when we walk to our cars at night. This is why we need guns, ladies:


The ex-con accused of killing a woman who ran the Bronx shelter where he once stayed waited at her car after work, ordered her to take off her clothes and tried to rape her at gunpoint, a high-ranking police source said.

Ana Charle, a 36-year-old mother of two, had parked her car a block away from the Project Renewal shelter on Bronx Blvd. Monday evening, as many female employees do because they are sometimes harassed by residents, the source said.

But West Spruill, 39, was waiting for her at the car on Bullard Ave. in Wakefield with a .40-caliber handgun, police said.

“He orders her into the back of her Honda and tells her to take her clothes off, which she does, and then he attempts to rape her,” the source said.

Charle broke away during the horrific attack and got out of the car, but was unable to outrun Spruill.

“He then gets out of her car,” the source said. “He has no clothes on, either. He shoots her three times, killing her.”

Charle was shot in the head, cheek and body at close range. Several people called 911, and cops responded to find Spruill with the gun.

The fiend lived at the shelter from this past June to January and came back for Charle, the source said.

“Absolutely. That’s our thinking right now,” the source said when asked if she was targeted. “He is a really, really bad guy.”

Spruill was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Autopsy results will determine whether Spruill raped Charle.

Hey. I just noticed something. Ana is WHITE, you guys! So, I guess it’s cool for all of us white folk to go out and start burning down our respective cites like Baltimore and Ferguson did. What’s that you say? Oh, we have jobs…so we probably won’t be looting and rioting and stealing condoms from CVS. Looks like we will all be too busy to riot. We will likely just mourn her loss and change security procedures at her workplace to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Sorry to disappoint, America.

H/T: NY Daily News

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