Dig Deep and Find Your Light from Hobo John on this Memorial Day

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“You are the light of the world,” Christ tells us. But most of us are lights under a basket, so to speak. Hiding our light, if you follow me. Or for some of us its been driven so far underground we forgot about it. We must find it again, but it takes some work and patience to remove the familial and societal baskets and be our true authentic light filled selves.

Displaying light is natural for a kid, they do the things that interest them and bring them joy, for a while at least. But then the lies start piling up. You can’t draw, that isn’t a house; you suck at that; don’t do that you might get hurt; who told you you could sing?


Pretty soon we are a mean-spirited rebellious shits or  depressed, neurotic,  people pleasing glad handers, hoping someone will love us and praying, we don’t offend somebody.

In other words we let go of our natural, exuberant, light filled selves and replace it with something else, that may make us feel safe or get people to like us. But those masks we wear lead to death, they are false after all and can not be sustained by a universe and God that loves truth.

I have a Hobo Metaphysic that goes like this: serve God, but also allow God to serve you. God is your friend, confidant and the one you can trust to help you reclaim your light.

Christ tells us when we pray go into a room and shut the door. That way it is just you and God and not a thousand other things distracting you. Here is another metaphysic; there is no separation between you and God, you only think there is. All those false thoughts you have been believing are what keep your God light buried in other words.

So when you start to pray, claim that oneness with God. “Be still and know that I am God.” Now a lot of us, including yours truly, have been believing and living those lies for a long time; it is habitual and entrenched.

So one hour by yourself quietly praying, is going to do a lot of good, but it ain’t going to heal the whole shooting match. But over time as you sit quietly feeling God’s peace and love moving through you, well things just keep getting easier.


Another thing you can do, and I mentioned this a while back, is play like a kid and that will lead you back to things you used to enjoy doing when you were full of light and bravado.

Take a risk drawing something again, or try and crack an algebra equation, ride your bike with no hands and no helmet.

Maybe someday you will be on the motor-cross circuit or teaching kids to paint in a school.

I am just now discovering my true self at 51. I am a pretty good fella after all and God thinks so too. He thinks the same dam thing about you, so believe him why don’t you and let your light shine.

Hobo John here, I love you with everything that I have.

Editor’s Note: We love you too, John. Thanks~


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